Video Marketing & Branding Courses for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Be a Rock Star, my series of online mini-courses to teach you how to make and use video to define your brand, establish your expertise, attract your audience, boost your confidence on camera, and make more sales. Each mini-course is like a single module with 6 videos and worksheets, designed to help you achieve one specific goal. You can purchase mini-courses individually, or buy the Lifetime Access and receive ALL mini-courses (current and future).


All mini-courses include membership in my secret Be a Rock Star Facebook Group. You can use this group to get more direct access to me, answers to your questions, and to network and brainstorm with other Rock Star course members.


I will be closing access to all mini-course sales at 12AM midnight, Saturday December 16th for at least a month while I work on more mini-courses. When it re-opens, the $299 ALL ACCESS offer will be a higher price. This is your last chance to get ALL ACCESS for $299.

Mini Courses Available Right Now

All Access: All Mini-Courses

Get all current mini-courses plus ALL future mini-courses (see list below for some future mini-courses already in the works).

My plan is to continually release new mini-courses one at a time throughout 2018 and beyond.

As new mini-courses are made available, the ALL ACCESS price will increase.

NOTE: If you buy All Access, there is no need to buy any other mini-course. You get them all.

Your Authentic Brand & Culture

The foundation of creating videos to attract and engage an audience is to know and understand your own brand vision. Before you can share your expertise with others, you need to get clear on what your brand vision and mission are.

This mini-course will teach you how to tap into your authentic vision for your private brand, give yourself permission to share your expertise with others, define your vision and your mission, create a culture around your brand, and establish yourself as the leader.

You watch me do it everyday in my free group. This is how.

Project Your Vision to Attract Your Audience

In this mini-course you will learn how to project the vision you have for your brand so that your audience can see it, and feel it too.

You will learn how to provide value to your audience so that you can receive value ($$) in exchange.

You will learn how to assemble a team of brand evangelists to work with you on your mission, and an audience of brand ambassadors who will share your vision with their network.

Get Started Making & Using Video

In this mini-course, we will tackle three of the biggest obstacles keeping you from simply getting started making and using video.

You will learn to get past that first hump of starting from zero (inertia is a powerful force).

You will learn how to get started making great looking and sounding videos with whatever equipment you already have, even if it's just a phone.

There's a simple JUMP START content strategy to get you moving and making your first several videos.

Plus there's a simple, repeatable plan to keep going when your energy wanes and you don't want to continue.

Video Mindset & Confidence Building

In this mini-course we will cover the mindset needed to create valuable, brand building videos, and help boost your confidence to get on camera and do so.

Many entrepreneurs worry that if they give too much value for free, there will be no reason for anyone to buy anything. I think I'm living proof that that's not true.

You will learn the different ways you can "give away the farm" without eliminating the need for your product or service. In fact, you will strengthen it.

You will also learn the three most common confidence killers, and how to overcome them. With simple exercises and tweaks, you can learn to boost your confidence, and look and feel great on camera.

The Library of Content

This is the central content strategy behind my businesses. It's how I build this Be a Rock Star group and course, and it's how I've built a successful digital marketing agency for the past 20 years.

In this mini-course you learn what a Library of Content actually is, and how to create your own.

You will learn how to make videos that work collectively to do the heavy lifting in prospecting and sales.

You will learn how to use calls to action to move prospects from video to video to optin to sale.

You will learn how to craft a video sales letter to give the final nudge to turn fans into customers and clients.

Be The Expert

In order to attract, engage, and lead an audience, you must be seen as an expert - both by yourself, and the people on your audience.

In this mini-course you learn the qualities and requirements to being an expert and a leader.

You will learn how to cultivate your brand, and project your persona to be seen as the expert.

You will learn ways to deal with Imposter Syndrome - that self-doubt that can sometimes cripple you from moving forward.

You will learn how to structure your expert status, and put yourself at the lead of your culture without making your status unattainable.

You will learn how to communicate with and influence people to gauge interest and learn if you're a fit to work together.


Applause for Be a Rock Star

Bobby Donohue just released the first videos of his course and I have to say... I'm blown away! From the fb lives in his free group, and by the way he talks, you definitely know you are getting great and well thought out advice from someone who knows what they're doing.

Jeff Lambert

Not only is Bobby one of my closest friends, he's one of the biggest reasons my dream of running a successful comedy performance company full time is now my reality. 

Tony Walker, Knock'em Dead Comedy

If you are not in Bobby's Be a Rock Star, what are you waiting for? There is more information in this course than other courses I've paid $997 for! Seriously, the branding info alone is worth $497 so get your ass off the fence and come join us!

Robert Martin

Wow Bobby, I must say I am SO amazed at what you've done!!! You have incorporated life, law of attraction, and business concepts so beautifully into your program. You are going to help and change so many lives. Thank you!

Helena Bianchi, You're the Genie

Not only has this course been great, but Bobby has always been available any time day or night to help me with questions. I have purchased quite a few trainings and have not experienced this level of support or value like I do with him.

Melissa Weinberg

When I found Bobby, I knew that he had everything I would need to fulfill my dreams. Bobby “gets me” and is invaluable to every phase of my business. Call Bobby and make magic together!

Linda Kroll, Mediator, Therapist, Attorney

Guys get in Be a Rock Star. The Grand Pooba himself is so generous with his time. Get in now while there's still not thousands of people so you get more 1 on 1 time.

Gary Hones

When I got into the course, I was blown away by how much content and value is in there. As a business owner wanting to grow my audience and put myself out there, it makes sense to get good and be confident with video. No brainer to me!

Todd Thornbery

Bobby I just want to say, “You are so awesome!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!” Watching you helps me know that I can and will grow and evolve too. Thank you for inspiring me!

Amy Bernier

Bobby, you have inspired me to just go for it, and take some risks. It's only been the last few months that I have been able to really put effort into what I want out of this life, to be happy and not settle. So thank you!

Deanna Verbouwens

Bobby, the value you are giving in your branding mini-course is huge. Loving this course!

Ken Pointer

Future Mini-Courses (Coming Soon)

The following mini-courses are currently in production and will be released one at a time over the next few months. Order of release and specific titles are subject to change. Lifetime members will automatically gain access to these plus all others I create as they become available.

Basics of Video Editing
Coming soon for $49
How to Overcome FEAR
Coming soon for $49
Basics of Video Filming
Coming soon for $49
How to Generate Content Ideas
Coming soon for $49
Radically Improve Your Live Videos
Coming soon for $49
How to Make Videos With Only Your Phone
Coming soon for $49
Engage Yor Audience With Storytelling
Coming soon for $49
Basics of Video Tech
Coming soon for $49
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